Hello everyone! I have received lots of questions on how to start your own blog or website. Today I will be going over some basic tips/ tricks on starting and running a blog.

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Don’t program your own blog.

Because this is a programmer website, I want to say that first. Programming it will take forever, probably be much harder to maintain, and use. Instead use a website creation site like wix or wordpress. (I use wordpress)

Be sure all comments go through you.

When starting your own blog, go to settings and change it so that every comment needs to be approved by you. This means that you can delete spam, respond to questions that don’t have to do with the conversation, and approve all relevant content. It is important to approve both good comments and bad comments for each of your posts, remember to stay honest!

Set up a site theme.

A website theme can be anything from a color theme to how you structure your posts. Remember that having a theme that works for your entire site is important, both for aesthetics and for content organization. It is important for your users to be able to find what they want quickly and painlessly.

Set up a more personal relationship with your users.

Not that kind of relationship, one where each user feels individually valued and important to the community, so they feel almost obligated to participate and interact with your website. Some ways to do that is respond to each question you are asked, and participate in various conversations about your content. It is best if they feel more like friends than customers.