Hello everybody, first off, I just want to say sorry for being gone for so long. I have been super busy with all the stuff going on. Anyway, back to the post. I have seen lots of games designed for mobile that just don’t offer the best gameplay or mechanics, simple things button placement and how the GUI is set up can make or break a game for mobile.

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There are various things you need to remember when designing a game for a mobile device. The first thing is that mobile and PC are two completely different platforms to design for. With mobile we get to interact with the GUI elements like never seen befor. However, with PC You can make full use of mouse motions and the keyboard. That is why you see lots of great FPS games on PC and not so many on mobile. Remember to take advantage of the platform you are using.

Another thing worth remembering is that when people play mobile, their hand is often blocking parts of the screen. So if you are planning a game where the player needs to see as much of the screen as possible, place all GUI that the player will interact with most on the edge of the screen. This keeps their hands out of the way and provides a more immersive experience.

Lastly, remember that mobile is a gesture based platform. So design your games around that. That is why flappy bird and fruit ninja are so successful. They built their games around easy to recognize and use gestures. It just feels natural to the player. Games that involve dragging, tapping, and patterns are great for mobile platforms.

I hope that we can start seeing more mobile games that make full use of the platform and can provide memorable and immersive experiences to the user. As usual, I will see you all later!

~Andrew Stavast