Hello everyone! Happy holiday season! Today we will be going over holliday game creation, and how to make the most of your seasonal games.

Now, first thing to remember is that this style of marketing is not just a December only kind of thing. The following rules can be applied for almost any other holiday, from Easter to Cinco de Mayo. They can even apply to events such as an election, or the Olympics! Just remember, the most essential thing for all of this is timing, you must time your marketing perfectly for you to make the most money off of your seasonal games.

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First off, why should I make a holiday game? The answer is simple, demand. In the holiday season, there is often a high demand for holiday related games. Lots of websites and publishers want to provide the best entertainment for the season, and are more likely to pay a premium during this time of the year.

However, this has a downside in the fact that you normally can’t sell the games during any other time of the year. Like most other kinds of deals, you need to get the timing perfect. Normally November is the best time to sell christmas games to publishers. This insures they can get the most out of the holiday season, and it helps get you a better deal because they want to stock up on seasonal games ASAP.

This problem can be mitigated by simply having several different asset sets, and simply switching them out every few holidays. This insures you can sell the same seasonal game multiple times depending on the holiday, all for almost no additional work.

I hope this has helped you all in your seasonal ventures! Be sure to like and tweet this post so others can benefit as well.

Happy Holidays,

~Andrew Stavast
Firenibbler Studios