Should you bother with making your own game engine or graphics library? Just Ask Kalvin.

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  1. NightLone (Kalvin)

    March 1, 2017 at 12:55 pm

    Hello! Thanks for Interviewing me Andrew, and putting it on here 🙂
    And for all those who read the interview, thanks to you too! I hope you enjoyed it.
    For those who want a little extra information about the last question, here’s some insight:
    I’m currently taking a look at the newest graphics API from Khronos, called Vulkan. Now as I’ve stated in my interview, I have done multiple 3D graphics engines/libraries. What I could make in OpenGL in 2 months, I’d estimate it would take me to do the exact same thing a year in Vulkan. Yes, Vulkan is that complex. I would recommend years of experience before touching Vulkan, before even THINKING Vulkan. For OpenGL though? Just make sure you know the guts of your chosen programming language well enough 😉

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